Freebirds Caravans

Australian Made For Australian Terrain.

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Long Beach 21.6 Family

We are so excited proud to introduce Freebirds caravans long beach modal, for family luxury caravans in Australia. On Road and redefined this the real meaning of adventure and travelling in style.

Freebirds Caravans - Riverbank

Riverbank 21.6 Family

Built for family this spacious two/three bunk caravan has all the everyday amenities to travel that is cost-efficient and safe towing. The Riverbank Caravans are built tough to ensure your safety.

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Dream Duo 19.6

We are so excited and also proud to introduce the Freebirds caravans Dream Duo model, for family luxury caravans in Australia. Built for off road/on road it’s redefining the meaning of adventure.

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Welcome to Freebirds

We started our journey a few years ago with the motivation to provide high-quality caravans, ideal for on and off-road adventures.


Our caravans have bed and bathroom space coupled with a cooking area and sink. These elements can be customised to accommodate your needs when on tour.
We also have a range of safety features to ensure that while you are parked and resting, safety isn’t a concern.

We Offer Full Customisation

Freebirds Caravans are inspired to sell both quality and high performing caravans, which are manufactured in Melbourne.


We offer a range of customisation options including complete interiors, layout, colours, features, appliances and much more.
Please chat with our friendly team about how to further customise your dream caravan.

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Why Freebirds Caravans

Welcome to our dynamic and innovative caravan manufacturing company Freebirds Caravans, where we are dedicated to creating top-quality recreational vehicles that exceed expectations. At our core, we believe in pushing the boundaries of traditional caravan design and incorporating the latest technology to provide our customers with the ultimate camping and travel experience.

Freebirds Caravans - Flagship Built

Flagship Built

We build caravans to custom designs and a range of other personal features. Got your caravan design ready? Our team of experts will bring your ideas to reality!

Freebirds Caravans - Luxury Spacious

Luxury & Spacious

Our quality range is built for comfort and style. If you want to have the best features and luxury, then Freebirds Caravans are the ones for you and all of your family.

Freebirds Caravans - Years Of

Years of Experience

The business has been operating for many years and with much competition, we continue to excel and conform to all the current standards, legislations and technologies

Freebirds Caravans - Structural Warranty

Structural Warranty

All of our caravan range come with a two year structural warranty, ensuring complete piece of mind and an assurance of performance, when travelling either on or off road.

Freebirds Caravans - Australian Made

Australian Conditions

This country is built tough and as such, Freebirds Caravans are also designed to cope with both harsh on and off road conditions. Truly well-built Australian made caravans.

Freebirds Caravans - Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

We all know caravans are very costly purchases but we at Freebirds, look at options to save you money when either building or customising your next caravans. Talk to us!

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