Warranty Policy


FREEBIRDS Caravans provides the original purchaser of every FREEBIRDS Caravans with a two-year structural Warranty & one year manufacturer warranty that the product’s workmanship and the material will be free from defects. We recommend frequent inspections & service to be done regularly through an authorized service centre, especially the maintenance of the sealing, brakes, shocks, etc outside of the caravan after frequent off-road travel.

The warranty period commences on the date of purchase.

Warranty repairs and replacements will be undertaken by FREEBIRDS Caravans or an authorized repairer. Warranty repairs and replacements will be free of charge unless an on-site repair is requested in which case a service call fee will apply.

Unless the owner has prior written consent from FREEBIRDS Caravans, under the Warranty, FREEBIRDS Caravans will not reimburse the owner under Warranty for repairs undertaken by an unauthorised repairer.

The Warranty will not apply in certain circumstances, including where the
Caravan has been:

Used for a purpose other than which it was designed or intended.

• Used for the purpose of permanent residency.
• Used for commercial purposes.
• In an accident.

If you’re not close all hatches during raining. getting water in and damage all LED lights not going to cover warranty .

• Towed by a vehicle other than a standard passenger vehicle.
The Warranty will also not extend to specific types of damages including:

Wear and tear when the caravans have been used for permanent living purposes.

• Tears, punctures and fading to fabric items.
• Damage caused by alteration or repairs being undertaken by an unauthorised repairer.

Off- Road / Semi Off-Road Policy
FREEBIRDS Caravans off-road range of caravans have been designed and
constructed to give added strength and ground clearance for limited unsealed road
usage. Gas venting regulations and other

construction restraints limit the effectiveness of these caravans against dust and
water penetration. Under no circumstances should these caravans be exposed to
water crossing at or above body floor level.

We strongly recommend towing at a safe speed according to travel conditions
with extra care and attention required on uneven surfaces. Our off-road caravans
are not designed for hard impacts or heavy landings or severely rutted roads or

FREEBIRDS Caravans off-road are not designed for use on four-wheel-driveonly tracks.
The following items for off-road caravans are not covered under FREEBIRDS 

Caravans Warranty:
• Impact or stone damage to body, chassis or running gear.
• Soiling of fabrics and internal fitments from dust and other airborne substances.
• Water damage due to water crossing
• Movement or damage caused by dislodgment of appliances and fittings resulting from hard impacts or heavy landings or severely rutted roads or tracks.
• General damage arising from misuse
• The Warranty does not extend to maintenance items that are the responsibility of the purchasers.

FREEBIRDS Caravans include equipment and fitting such as cooking appliances, tyres and toilets which are separately warranted by their manufacturers and not covered by FREEBIRDS Caravans Warranty. If necessary, FREEBIRDS 

Caravans will help owners make a warranty claim to these individual component