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The majority of Australian families dream of caravanning and it is also one of the best ways to explore everything that beautiful Australia has to offer. And now your dream to own a caravan and travel to all your favorite destinations across the country is possible without towing anything huge or without going out of budget. All thanks to the small caravans!

Small caravans are the best options for people, looking for caravans to travel by themselves or as a couple. So, whether you are planning to buy a caravan within a limited budget or planning to downsize after kids, choosing a small caravan always makes sense. People often choose these caravans as they are light as a feather, therefore easy to store and easy to tow by different types of tow vehicles. The main features of these vehicles are that they are very compact with space for all the essentials like a comfortable bed, a fridge, an internal kitchen, a dining table, air conditioning, etc. Moreover, there are rooms for toilets and showers. These things make them perfect for explorers, who aim to go beyond the bitumen. Being fully insulated, these vehicles come with no canvas. Therefore, they are perfect to drive in almost any weather. Besides, the cleverly designed layouts of these vehicles give you the feel that you are in a larger vehicle when you step through the door. And when it comes to choosing small and compact caravans with some big features at great prices, you can get it from Freebirds Caravans.

Redefine accessibility when camping with our small caravans:

At Freebirds Caravans, we aim to serve the needs of every buyer. Therefore, we manufacture a complete range of small caravans along with family caravans. Ideal for small families, couples, or single people, the small caravans we offer, can take out your stress of holidaying while offering you ease of access to different accessible delights in and around Melbourne. So, apart from camping on a terrain or taking part in a multi-state adventure, with these caravans, you can enjoy the thrills at any theme park, indulge in a visit to the winery, or unwind at any of the beautiful beaches.
So, with our small caravans, you can say hello to a well-thought-out and compact design while bidding adieu to unnecessary space. Besides, these vehicles can also make the most up for your needs with their durable construction, inclusion of the best-quality appliances, and luxurious overall finishes. Even if you need a larger living space, a simple awning can help you to enjoy outdoor dining with your near and dear ones while being protected from all the harsh elements of weather. We believe that good things always come in small packages. Therefore, all our small new caravans sales are feature-packed to ensure you have a smooth trip.
People, especially single campers prefer small caravans as they redefine the concept of accessibility in caravanning while eliminating the necessity of larger caravans or expert driving skills for towing. Besides, these vehicles also offer a hitch-free towing experience to the users that successfully opens up the possibilities for wider audiences.
These are some of the reasons why at Freebirds Caravans, we think smaller is better for many of the campers, who prefer to travel with less baggage. However, the only difference here is there is no need to sacrifice amenities. The small caravans that we manufacture are available with amenities like a stove, ensuite, microwave, fridge, etc. All these things allow you to experience homely comfort and unrestricted freedom during your camping journey no matter which part of the Earth you are on.
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Owning our small caravans never means that you have to compromise on any big feature:

Since inception, we have been a proud Australian brand known for manufacturing and designing small caravans for people, who love caravanning across the country and other parts of the world. So, by choosing to deal with us, you can secure top-notch caravans that fully comply with Australian standards.
We love to travel and we love camping outdoors. Therefore, the vast experiences we have will point you down all the roads that you are not aware of while giving you some unexpected experiences. When you choose caravans from our company, we offer you the necessary security of purchasing the best quality caravans backed by our company’s warranty and the commitment of our after-sales support and customer service team. Therefore, the range of small caravans Australia we offer at Freebirds Caravans will meet all your necessities for a travel home that you can take anywhere.
To know more about the small caravans we offer, contact us at (03) 9125 0855. We are always ready to assist you on your next camping adventure.

What are the main advantages of choosing a small caravan?

If you are planning to invest in a caravan for the first time and have no idea about small caravans, then here are some benefits of these vehicles you can count on:

1. They are easy to store and park: When you have limited space at your home to store your vehicle, the compact size of small caravans can give you more options to store and park. Some of the small caravans also come with pop-top features that ensure that they can be parked under carports.
2. They are easy to tow: Due to the compact size and light weight of these caravans, they are easy to reverse, turn, or reverse. In some cases, there is even no need to use tow vehicles for towing them.
3. They are easy to get away: Do you feel impulsive about heading away every weekend? Then the small caravans can be your perfect partners for long weekends and short trips. So, by choosing to buy these caravans, you can instantly enjoy the wilderness.
4. They are easy to drive: When you drive smaller caravans, you can take all the pain and stress out of towing the vehicles. Usually, small caravans are 15ft long whereas the larger models are usually around 20-23ft long. It means that coupling the small caravans is comparatively easier. Besides, you can also say goodbye to all the wobbles regarding putting the pedal down.
5. They offer good storage space: The small caravans are manufactured with smart storage options and nooks that allow them to bring all your belongings that you may need during the camp.
6. Small caravans are economical: When you choose small caravans instead of large ones, you can save around a hundred dollars at the pumps. The small caravans are known for offering reduced pull and less drag, which allow you to save a good amount of money while filling up the car. People love these vehicles as they are lightweight, easy to handle, and great on fuel.
7. hey give you a thousand reasons to enjoy: If you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Australia to the fullest, then small caravans are just made for you. Although they are small in size, they are packed with all kinds of modern amenities including ensuites, internal kitchens, showers, and toilets to ensure you don’t compromise on your comfort level. Apart from that, these caravans also come with double and single bunk models for families, which travel together.