Riverbank 21.6

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Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country road trip or simply seeking a weekend getaway, the Riverbank camper offers the perfect blend of functionality, style, and comfort to enhance every aspect of your travel experience.

Built and designed specifically for families, this spacious two/three bunk caravan has all the everyday amenities to ensure a smooth travel, offering cost-efficiency and safe towing along the way. The Riverbank caravan is built tough ensuring your safety, with complete reliability and comfort when launching or planning your next family journey.

Furthermore, with an open plan living and a spacious club lounge it also includes ample storage space, able to accommodate that extra load. This quality caravan is built with marine grade composite panels and we offer personal customization, to suit your family’s needs. These are of course available on request and as required.


 So, beauty of the caravan Riverbank angle kitchen with bamboo colour. Look great roadside bunks. It provides open plan living with a spacious club lounge and highly coveted extra bench and storage space.


With its extensive range of plumbing, electrical, interior, and exterior features, the Riverbank camper, spanning 21.6 feet in length, is perfectly suited for both extended trips and growing families. This model boasts a thoughtful design, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is comfortable and convenient.

The Riverbank’s angle kitchen is a standout feature, offering highly coveted extra benches with a stylish bamboo-colored texture, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your cooking space. Alongside this, the addition of great-looking roadside bunks provides versatile sleeping options for the whole family, maximizing the use of space without compromising on comfort.